Cast stone walling offers advantages over natural stones

Dec 30, 2012

Cast Stone Walling Offers Numerous Advantages Over Natural Stone

Procter Cast stone manufactures an extensive range of cast stone walling products for use on new properties, restorations and extensions. Both smooth ashlar and textured walling is available, with a choice of standard sizes, edge finishes and colours to suit either period or contemporary styles. Alternatively, bespoke sizes and colours can be manufactured to order. In all cases, cast stone offers a number of advantages over natural stone, while adding style and value to the property.

Cast stone is an inherently versatile material, being suitable for use as a direct alternative to natural stone when creating eye-catching detailed features – such as quoins, lintels or

balustrades – or for use as a walling material. Where repetitive work is involved – such as in walling – the manufacturing method enables substantial cost savings to be achieved. A further advantage of the manufactured nature of cast stone is that deliveries are reliable and can be scheduled to suit the site requirements.

Any three-dimensional geometry that can be cut or carved from natural stone can also be reproduced in cast stone. It is therefore possible to manufacture ashlar or textured walling in a broad range of sizes, with a choice of edge finishes and a light, medium or heavy texture. Colours are highly consistent between units manufactured within a batch and also from one batch to the next. If preferred, controlled variability can be introduced to mimic the colour variation found in natural stone. Colours can be matched to existing natural stone in the case of restorations and extensions, or specified so as to comply with local planning requirements.

Cast stone ashlar and textured walling can either be used for entire exterior walls or to create features such as bay windows, extensions, porches or conservatories. In addition to walling, Procter Caststone also manufactures door and window surrounds, string courses, steps, porticos and other cast stone units to standard and custom designs. These can be the perfect complement to cast stone walling.

If required, Procter Caststone provides advice and guidance for designing cast stone walling, as well as supporting developers and architects who wish to use cast stone on listed buildings or properties in Conservation Areas.

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